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Dairy Beef (Veal & Heavy Cattle)

Success in the veal business doesn't just happen by accident.  It takes quality calves, a sound feeding and animal health program and the management to pull it all together.

Floradale Milk Replacer with Bovatec* (P22/F17)
Grober Hi-Conversion Calf Milk Replacer (P20/F15)
Grober Hi-Performance Calf Milk Replacer (P22/F17)

* Veterinary prescription required

Rumax 22% Calf Starter (with Bovatec), texturized
FFM 22% Calf Starter (with Bovatec), pelleted

The Rumax Calf Starter Ration is a texturized 'fixed formual' blend of steam flaked grains and pelleted supplement (protein, minerals and vitamins) all coated in wet molasses.  The FFM Calf Starter Ration is a pelleted, high energy complete feed.  This economical ration is a 'fixed formula' blend of high quality, palatable ingredients.  Medicating these rations with Bovatec aids in the prevention of coccidiosis in susceptible young stock.

FFM 35% Steakmaker (RV), 0% ECP, with Rumensin
FFM 35% Steakmaker (RV), 10% ECP, with Rumensin

The FFM 35% Steakmaker Supplements are pelleted 'fixed formula' blends of high quality, palatable proteins, minerals and vitamins.  The FFM 35% Steakmaker Supplement with 10% ECP can be introduced after animals reach approximately 300lbs for an extra cost savings.  These feeds are medicated with Rumensin for better feed efficiency and growth.

Talk to one of our feed specialists about the FFML products & programs best suited to maximize the success of your veal operation.