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You can rely on Floradale's commitment to provide quality feeds and service to meet your entire flock's requirements. From newborn lambs, market lambs, replacement ewe-lambs to the entire milking / breeding flock, we have a full line of products to help you achieve your bottom line.


RUMAX or FFM 16% Lamb Creep Ration (texturized / pellets)


Available in both a molasses-based texturized form or a complete pellet, our highly digestible creep rations combine a palatable blend of ingredients and include ammonium chloride and the anti–coccidial Bovatec. Designed to encourage early feed intake, our Creep Ration stimulate rumen development giving your lambs a healthy and productive start.


FFM 34% Lamb Grower Supplement (pellets)

Our pelleted lamb supplement mixed with whole grains is designed to promote optimum intake and maximum gains.


FFM 32% Ewe Supplement (pellets)

A palatable combination of proteins, minerals and vitamins, this pellet is fed with whole grains to ewes in the late gestation and lactation period. We also off er a full line of supplements or rations for the milking ewe, customized specifically to complement their forage program.


FFM Ewe Ration with MGA (pellets) *

This medicated Ewe Ration is used to synchronize ewes during the breeding season or as part of a program to induce estrus in ewes during the non-breeding season.
*A veterinarian prescription is required


Exsel Sheep Premix

A highly fortified mineral vitamin premix designed for ewes on various forage programs. It can be mixed with on farm grains or fed free choice.

For more detailed feeding and management guidelines,
please contact your Floradale Feed Mill Limited representative.