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Calf and Heifer

 Today's Heifer, Tomorrow's Cow 

You can rely on Floradale's commitment to provide quality feeds and service to meet all phases of your dairy herd's nutritional needs. This commitment begins by paying careful attention to the quality of each incoming ingredient, and ends with regularly scheduled testing of finished feeds.

While continually pushing production boundaries through improved genetics and better nutrition, Floradale is also committed to the goals of environmental sustainability, traceability and food safety. Nutritional balancing and the use of new feed additives keep us on the leading edge of technology as we meet the needs of producers, consumers and the environment.

Milk Replacers

Accelerate Milk Replacer with Deccox (P26/F18)
Floradale Milk Replacer with Bovatec* (P22/F17)
Grober High Conversion Milk Replacer (P20/F15)
Grober High Performance Milk Replacer (P22/F17)

*Veterinary prescription required

Also available on request:
Grober Calf Gro A+ Acidified Milk Replacer (P22/F17)
Grober Equalizer Milk Replacer (P24/F17)
Grober Excel Milk Replacer (P26/F18)
Grober VG Milk Replacer (P21/F19)
Grober Alph Veal Milk Replacer (P25/F19)


Pail, nipple bottle or machine fed; conventional, accelerated or acidified; we offer a complete line of high quality milk replacers to provide a balanced diet that young calves love to drink. And for early coccidiosis control consider using the Floradale Calf Milk Replacer * medicated with Bovatec.
*A veterinarian prescription is required

Calf Starters and Growers (texturized / pellets)

Rumax 22% Calf Starter Ration, Bovatec, Texturized
FFM 22% Calf Starter Ration, Bovatec, Pellets
Rumax 18% Calf Grower, Bovatec, Texturized

Available in either a molasses-based texturized form or a complete pellet, our calf starters and growers combine a nutritionally balanced diet with a taste that calves love to eat. Designed to encourage early feed intake, our calf feeds stimulate rumen development giving your calves a healthy and productive start. These feeds are medicated with Bovatec to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis.

Heifer Supplement (pellets)

FFM 38% Heifer Supplement, Bovatec, Pellets

A palatable blend of proteins, minerals, vitamins and medicated with Bovatec, this supplement is fed with grains and roughages to promote feed intake and maximize growth on young growing heifers aged 6-12 months.

Heifer Premixes

FFM Heifer Premix with Rumensin
FFM Heifer Premix with Bovatec

Our highly fortified mineral vitamin premixes medicated with either Bovatec or Rumensin designed for older heifers (yearlings+) on various forage programs.

For more detailed feeding and management guidelines,
 please contact your Floradale Feed Mill Limited representative.