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At Floradale Feed Mill Limited, we offer a variety of broiler rations to meet your production demands. All feeds are available medicated if desired, and formulations include starter, grower, finisher, broiler, and roaster diets. Consult with one of our Poultry Specialists for details, or check out the following floor stocked products.

Opti-Cal 20% Chick Starter
Opti-Cal 16% Chick Grower
FFM Roaster Finisher

Broiler Breeders

We offer a wide variety of broiler breeder rations that include added vitamin E and oyster shell, and cover all phases of production. Bio-Plus rations are available in starter, developer and transition formulations, as well as peak and post peak blends in crumble form.

Bio-Plus 16% Broiler Breeder Ration

Laying Hens

The FFML Layer Feeding Programs are breed specific and are developed to closely match the hen's nutrient requirements for maximum egg production and profitability. We offer a variety of protein levels to meet your production demands, including:

FFM 17% Layer Ration
FFM 18% Layer Ration
OMA 17% Layer Ration

We also offer a variety of Layer Rations formulated with flaxseed. 



Our Turkey Feeding Program is designed to work in conjunction with good management to produce maximum weights and low feed conversions in minimum days. Medicated and non-medicated feeds are available in prestarter, starter, grower and finisher blends for all phases of production.

Opti-Cal Turkey Prestarter, Med.
Opti-Cal Turkey Grower, Med.
Opti-Cal Turkey Finisher, Plain

Game Birds

The FFML Game Bird Feeding Program is designed to provide maximum growth and excellent feed conversions. Game Bird feeds include starter and finisher rations, available in either crumbles or pellets, as well as holding and breeder complete feeds.  Talk to us about custom ordering our Duck, Squab and Gamebird Rations.

FFM Muscovy Duck Starter
FFM Muscovy Duck Grower-Finisher