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At FFM we provide quality horse feeds designed to meet the needs of your horse. Our line of nutritionally balanced supplements and rations will help achieve healthy horses throughout all stages of their life.


Sweet 13% Horse Ration, texturized
Sweet 14% Senior Horse Ration, texturized

FFM 12% Horse Ration, pellets
FFM 13% HiFat/HiFibre Horse Ration, pellets


These complete feeds are of the highest nutritional quality, and our texturized rations are coated with molasses for superior palatability.  Learn more about our horse feeds here

FFM 25% Horse Supplement, pellets

Our Horse Supplement is ideal for feeding along with your own on-farm grains. For that extra nutritional boost we carry the all-purpose Sweetcake Block to supply additional vitamins, minerals and protein when dealing with lower quality forages and pastures.

We also carry a selection of dewormers and Vitamin/Mineral Supplements in our store.  Drop by for a visit to see how we can help you.