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Floradale Feed Mill Limited offers a range of complete horse and foal rations, as well as custom formulas, designed to give your horses the optimum nutrition they need.


Sweet 13% Horse Ration, texturized
Sweet 14% Senior Horse Ration, texturized

FFM 12% Horse Ration, pellets
FFM 13% HiFat/HiFibre Horse Ration, pellets
FFM 16% Horse Ration, pellets

FFM 18% Foal Ration, pellets

These complete feeds are of the highest nutritional quality, and our texturized rations are coated with molasses for superior palatability.  

FFM 25% Horse Supplement, pellets

Our Horse Supplement is ideal for feeding along with your own on-farm grains. For that extra nutritional boost we carry the all-purpose Sweetcake Block to supply additional vitamins, minerals and protein when dealing with lower quality forages and pastures.

We also carry a selection of dewormers and Vitamin/Mineral Supplements in our store.  Drop by for a visit to see how we can help you.