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Nursing Piglets

You can rely on Floradale's commitment to provide quality feeds and service to meet all phases of your swine herd's nutritional needs. This commitment begins by paying careful attention to the quality of each incoming ingredient, and ends with regularly scheduled testing of finished feeds.

While continually pushing production boundaries through improved genetics and better nutrition, Floradale is also committed to the goals of environmental sustainability, traceability and food safety. Nutritional balancing and the use of new feed additives keep us on the leading edge of technology as we meet the needs of producers, consumers and the environment.


Sow Feeds

Gestation and lactating sow feeding programs are carefully balanced to optimize reproductive potential, rebuild and maintain body condition, and maximize milk production. Floradale targets and has achieved these results: Farrowing Rate = 90.0%; Pigs Weaned / Sow / Year = 28.

Pig Starter Feeds

These highly digestible feeds, especially creep and transition feeds, contain a palatable blend of ingredients that overcomes weaning stress, promotes higher intakes and faster growth. These outcomes are essential given today's high feed costs. Floradale targets and has achieved these results: Start / Finish weight = 5.8kg / 24.3kg with Average Daily Gain of 411gms.

Grower-Finisher Feeds

Profitability depends on maximizing lean tissue growth per unit of feed intake. We take your unique production environment and multiple-phase plans into consideration (e.g., sex separation, performance targets) when balancing your rations. Floradale targets and has achieved these results: Start / Finish weight = 25.0kg / 132.0kg with Average Daily Gain of 925gms.