Products & Services


You can rely on Floradale’s commitment to provide quality feeds and service to meet the needs of your dairy herd. From component-fed diets to total mixed rations to robotic milking & feeding, we offer a full line of products and programs to help maximize your bottom line.

Our People… expertise, communication, team-work

At Floradale we have an enthusiastic team of skilled professionals (nutritionists, dairy specialists and sales/service representatives) that offer sound nutrition, feeding and management advice for practical on-farm solutions.

Our Products… brand name or customized feeds

We offer a full line of feed products including dairy rations, grain extenders, supplements, commodity blends, base mixes and macro premixes. You can purchase a brand name feed or we can formulate a custom feed product to meet your particular needs. Our feeds are available in bulk, bags or totes and come in a variety of forms (depending on feed type) including mash, texturized or pelleted.

Specialty Products… For early lactation animals we offer a number of top-dress supplements to encourage an excellent start. For robotic herds, FFM Robot Ration is a premium quality pelleted feed that cows love to eat.

Our Programs… precision nutrition, home grown feeds first

In today’s modern dairy operation, diets must be formulated precisely to maximize productivity, animal well-being, reproductive performance and ultimately profitability… all in an environmentally sustainable manner. It’s a tall order!

At Floradale the process starts with an understanding of your goals and objectives. Roughages are assessed for quality (nutrient analysis) and quantity (feed inventories) on an ongoing basis. Using our ration formulation software (AMTS) we maximize homegrown feeds first, and then determine what else is needed to finish the nutrient balance of the diet on a best cost basis.

For more detailed feeding and management guidelines, please contact your Floradale Feed Mill Limited representative.