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A Commitment to Excellence

Floradale Feed Mill Limited has always been committed to offering our customers the "finest in feeds and service for over 50 years". We are regularly inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (C.F.I.A.) and take pride in our excellent track record.

In addition, Floradale Feed Mill Limited has been HACCP-certified since June 2001. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is an internationally recognized quality assurance program that has become synonymous with food safety.

Quality Feeds, Nutrition & Service

Floradale Feed Mill Limited offers a complete line of feeds and feeding programs to meet the nutritional needs of a wide variety of species including poultry (broilers, layers, breeders, turkeys), swine, ruminant (dairy & beef cattle, goats, sheep) and specialty (deer, elk, horses, rabbits, ratites) livestock. Our nutrition department works closely with our 'sales & service' feed specialists offering technical advice on feeding & nutrition, management and related animal health matters to meet customer needs.

Our Nutrition and Sales Team

Dairy Nutrition
Nikki Campbell

Dairy & Small Ruminant
Cecelia Curtis

Poultry Sales
Jim Dowling

Dairy Sales
John Drummond

Dairy Sales
Immo Dykstra

Dairy Sales
Jamie Elison

Poultry Sales
Ian Ellison
519-501-4146 (Cell)

Dairy Nutrition
Angie Fairfield

Dairy Sales
Danielle Hermann
Poultry Sales
John Kikkert
Dairy Nutrition
Erin Kingsbury

Dairy Sales
Mandy Leis

Dairy Nutrition

Colin MacMillan

Dairy & Beef Sales
Cliff Martin

Poultry Sales
Rob Nickel

Poultry Sales
Bruce Pletsch

Dairy Nutrition
Jake Ringelberg

Nutrition Manager
Matt Schotsman

Poultry Sales
Dave Shantz

Dairy & Beef Sales
Jeremy Weber


Sales Manager
George MacNaughton

State-Of-The-Art Feed Manufacturing Facilities
State-Of-The-Art Feed
Manufacturing Facilities

As a full service feed supplier to the livestock and poultry industries, Floradale Feed Mill Limited offers a wide array of feed manufacturing capabilities. Sophisticated milling equipment used for grain processing (grinding, roller grinder, dry & steam rolling), batching, mixing (dry & wet ingredients), pelleting, bagging and related functions allow us to meet almost any need.

Convenient Farm Supply Store
Convenient Farm Supply Store

Floradale Feed Mill Limited complements its feed services with a store stocked with related animal health, sanitation and sundry products. We also carry a variety of specialty feeds including bird seed, dog and cat foods. See a list of some of our store products here.

Our friendly and knowledgeable office staff will be more than happy to serve you.

Modern Fleet of Trucks

Prompt, on time feed delivery is one of the services that Floradale Feed Mill Limited takes pride in offering our customers. Long or short haul, variable load size, bulk or bags, our versatile fleet of trucks is well equipped to meet almost any trucking need.



People - The Most Important Ingredient
People - The Most Important Ingredient

At Floradale Feed Mill Limited, we have assembled an enthusiastict team of people to serve our customers. From office, to sales & nutrition, to production, to truckers, to management, our people are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. We continue to invest in new technologies and equipment required of a modern, progressive feed manufacturer but it is the experience and talents of our people that make it all work for you.