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 Optimum Nutrition for Optimum Results 

Whether you need a complete ration or supplement, pellets, mash or texturized, we can customize a program that will work with your present routine. We'll work with your existing forages and grains to make a feed that will meet your needs for a complete yet simple program. Our team of friendly helpful professionals will guide you in the nutritional management of your herd.

FFM Dairy Top Dress Supplements
The objectives of any early lactation feeding program are to maximize feed intake early, achieve high milk production at peak (with good milk components), minimize body weight/condition loss and get a pregnancy in a timely fashion. Our Dairy Top Dress Supplements can help you meet these goals. 

FFM 41% Top Dress contains a blend of premium protein ingredients providing excellent sources of amino acids and by-pass proteins. 

FFM 44% Top Dress with Roasted Beans and molasses that even the finickiest of cows can’t say no to.  

FFM 34% Top Dress with Synergy, a dry glycerol product that acts as an energy supplement in this critical time in lactation. 

FFM CNP Dairy Top Dress
FFM Beta Carotene Booster Supplement, 
two products for optimum reproductive health and fertility.  

FFM Robot Ration

Hard pellets made from quality ingredients in a fixed formula means no changes in palatability from one load to the next.