Floradale Feed Mill Limited is a family owned and operated feed company
serving livestock and poultry producers in Ontario.

We have assembled an enthusiastic team of people to serve our customers. From office, to sales and nutrition, to production, to truckers, to management, our people are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. We continue to invest in new technologies and equipment required of a modern, progressive feed manufacturer, but it is the experience and talents of our people that make it all work for you.

We want to assure you that Floradale Feed Mill Limited (FLORADALE) management and staff have taken measures to provide the feed you require for your operations during this pandemic period, as follows:
1. FLORADALE staff whom have travelled abroad must self-isolate and not come to the mill for a period of 14 days after their return;
2. FLORADALE staff whom have used public transport (air, train, bus) must self-isolate and not come to the mill for a period of 14 days after their return;
3. All meetings where FLORADALE staff assembly is or would have been required have been cancelled;
4. FLORADALE will NOT be attending any trade shows or conferences;
5. FLORADALE staff have been asked not to congregate and where interaction is necessary maintain the recommended social distance of at least six feet;
6. Customers interacting with FLORADALE staff at the mill store are being asked to maintain a distance of at least six feet and where there are financial transactions, Floradale staff will sanitize their hands and, if used, the device following each transaction;
7. Customers whom have or need to schedule an appointment with FLORADALE nutritionists or sales and service staff are asked to maintain a minimum social distance of six feet;
8. FLORADALE drivers whom deliver feed and supplies to customers are asked to avoid interaction to the extent possible and where interaction is required, to maintain the social distancing recommendation of six feet;
9. Staff whom handle materials provided by customers, are asked to sanitize their hands as the COVID-19 virus can remain on plastic for up to two days;
10. Customers whom are given materials provided by FLORADALE staff are asked to immediately sanitize the materials and wash their hands; and
11. FLORADALE management is setting up contingency plans to ensure there are staff available to be called upon to maintain normal operations should any staff member or a member of their family be infected with the virus.

We will continue servicing producers to ensure Canada's food supply is not compromised. We take the role of an essential service very seriously and have implemented these precautions and measures to keep everyone safe. 

FLORADALE will provide updates as required. Thank you for your part in helping reduce the risk of COVId-19 transmission.